Just AK is a street wear clothing brand that is isn’t afraid to make a statement. We believe in questioning society, whilst looking good. Using clothes as our canvas we convey messages through artworks to trigger the mind and create debate. Our vision is to develop a movement where the people’s voice is strong. So stand up, be heard and be part of the Empire of Just.

Our Clothes

All of our garments are sustainable and ethical, wearable and durable and guilt-free. This means no underpaid, under-aged sweatshop workers were involved in the manufacturing process. We have also taken great care to limit our carbon foot print and wastage. Do not fear this has had no impact on the quality of our clothes, if anything it has enhanced it. We believe in clothes that are designed to last, sorry no fast fashion here!

Who Are We?

Aliya is the founder of Just AK. She is a clinical scientist by background and has had a long standing interest in fashion and design. After hearing of too many disasters in garment factories she began her journey to making a change. Aliya launched Just AK in 2016 with aim of being affordable and true to her street style. By providing an alternative to fast fashion she is fully involved in sustainable living and the slow fashion life.